Tef-Gel™ 30g Tube Tef-Gel

Tef-Gel™ 30g Tube

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Tef-Gel is your ultimate solution for rust prevention, corrosion elimination, and anti-seize lubrication needs. Engineered to excel in various applications, it stops corrosion between dissimilar metals, prevents galling of stainless steel, and acts as an assembly lubricant for smooth maintenance operations.

Additionally, Tef-Gel safeguards electrical connectors from corrosion, ensuring uninterrupted performance. Its non-toxic and non-harmful formulation makes it environmentally friendly and safe for marine and land-based ecosystems.

With its non-reactive and chemically stable composition, Tef-Gel boasts an indefinite shelf life and working life, providing long-lasting protection. It maintains its viscosity even in extreme temperatures ranging from -60°C to 280°C, ensuring reliable performance in diverse conditions.

Trust Tef-Gel to keep your equipment and components protected, lubricated, and functioning smoothly, whether on land or at sea, in any environmental condition.

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