Plug-in Pedestal Bases - D BLA

Plug-in Pedestal Bases - D

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    Our heavy-duty cast Aluminum D base offers robust support with its six mounting holes and 8mm countersunk mounting holes, ensuring a secure installation in cabins or cockpits. Crafted from hi-strength Aluminum, this base is built to withstand tough conditions, providing long-lasting durability.

    With a 95mm (3 3/4″) hole requirement in the deck, this base accommodates various setups and can be used with any 60mm (2 3/8″) plugin post, offering versatility for your mounting needs. The one-way mounting lock position enhances stability and security, keeping your equipment firmly in place.

    Whether you're outfitting your boat for fishing, leisure, or professional use, trust our heavy-duty cast Aluminum D base to provide the solid support you need. With its sturdy construction and compatibility with different post sizes, this base ensures a reliable foundation for your marine accessories and equipment.

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